We have refurbished Image Intensifiers
Tapers,and Cameras available. Please contact Sales at C-Thru Imaging LLC.
 800-504-4509  sales@cthruimaging.com

About Us

C-Thru Imaging, LLC is a full service provider for XiTec XiScan Fluoroscopic Imaging Systems. C-Thru also provides a line of portable and stand mounted Fluoroscopic Imaging systems All our Service Technicians and Engineers are former XiTec employee's and have over 20 years experience 

C-Thru  provides full XiTec OEM PM and Calibration services 

Full OEM PM and Calibration of your XiScan system.
 Free UPS ground shipping of your C-Arm and Console

Don't forget us when refurbishing is needed for resale
We offer Full x-ray tube refurbishing and full OEM FDA testing
we offer extended warranties on all our services, and are transferable with resale of your XiScan system

Replace that old and intermittent  camera and C-Arm cable.
10% off all XiScan camera and C-Arm cables

Call or E-Mail for more details and pricing
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